I haven’t been writing for a while because, quite early after I got here, I broke up with my boyfriend and didn’t really know how to feel about it. It’s now been 2 months, and this is what I came up with: a little recap, as a note for myself when the situation is hard to take.
Healing is a process. You’ve got to give it time. You’ve got to be gentle and kind to yourself. Your heart is suffering and that’s ok, it’s part of your growth as a human.
I takes courage and strength to let go, step back for a minute, and let time do its job. You cannot recover overnight from a heartbreak, but you can make it easier by just accepting the pain. It is an incredible power to be vulnerable. Pay attention to your inside, and let it all out. To me, writing helps considerably the healing. I no longer keep everything to myself, I write it down so I can put words on my pains, frustrations and deceptions. You need to open your heart to the pain in order to let the joy in too. Because you are mourning a relationship shouldn’t mean that you’re feeling miserable all the time.
I would write pages and pages over a single heartbreak. It’s not gonna remove the sadness or the pain right away, but it will ease the process of recovery. It will make it clearer and easier to digest as I know exactly what I am supposed to heal from. And, most importantly, it will make any future unsatisfying situation easier to solve. In that respect it helps me understand myself a lot more, love myself a lot more and therefore have empathy and compassion.

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