Being a girl in the climbing scene

We went climbing just Holly and I the other day. We had a lovely time climbing just the two of us girls. It was the first time in ages that I’d go climbing just in between females, and how refreshing it was ! Suddenly, we could focus on climbing and enjoy every minute of it. Suddenly we didn’t have to worry if our shorts were too short, if a nipple would show off, … And we could climb freely, not feeling any kind of way about being better than a guy, or being seen as a sexualized body. (Not that I usually care about how much skin I show, but I’m still very much aware of the looks on me if I was to wear a pair of shorts against a pair of trousers).
Don’t get me wrong, I love climbing with my mates. They often push me harder than I would, and they make me go out of my comfort zone. They’re also a bunch of idiots that make me piss myself and they are beautiful people.  But there’s always that awkward situation when they can’t help it but feeling offended that, as a girl, I sent a problem and not them. As if there was some kind of mistake or miracle that just happened. It’s not always the case, but it happens quite a lot. Also, when men are topless all year around in the climbing gym, girls often feel ashamed or shy to climb in their sports bra. Nobody would care to see a guy topless, but everyone would have a side-look at the girl if she does the same, because the female body has been over sexualized. Chill out people, a boob is a boob, bums are fun but it’s no big deal !
Climbing with Holly for a few days now, I feel much more empowered and inspired as a female climber. She’s such a wild creature, but in a sensitive and soft way. She’s her own self and does not care at all about people’s opinion. She’s her own person, does her own thing, no shit given. I bet she has no idea how powerful and beautiful this is.
Having a female partner is so much fun and such a great support ! A) she gets you when you have to find a fucking loo in the middle of nowhere because you’re on your period (The Peak District is surprisingly good at that, thank god !), B) you can share your climbing shoes/ clothes/ etc C) you can share your betas more easily than you would with a guy.
Anyway, I encourage every climber out there to mind the way they treat girls when climbing and in the sports industry in general. Guys AND girls tend to be very critical towards the female gender. And please, please, dress like you want to dress and people can kiss your ass if they’re not happy with it ! Share love my friends, it will get ya further xx

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