Margalef, day 1

First day in Margalef. We arrived in Spain yesterday but it’s our first day at the crag. And let me tell you… A lot has been going on. First and most importantly, it was Holly’s birthday. That I happened to get informed to the night before, but that I managed to forget for a good part of the morning … So I kind of shout « omg fuck it’s your birthday happy birthday omg omg omg » at around 11am once we arrived at the crag and walked around for ages haha. I am that kind of great friend you are all dying to have in your life, right ? Right ?
Anyway, we had a blast discovering and climbing in Margalef. As in I didn’t remember anything except from a couple routes I managed to send back then and the overall look of it, but I completely forgot the feeling of being in that place. I felt so privileged to even be here, let alone climb on that amazing rock and share my time with this beautiful soul that Holly is. We are very different though. As I was screaming and jumping around in the morning, quite excited about the vibes this place was giving me, she was living her excitement internally as she’d say, and not say a word haha. Such different personalities yet very much complimenting each other. And that’s what I love about her so much. (Ya know, it’s her birthday, gotta please her somehow 😉 ).
So as I haven’t been sports climbing in a whiiiiile and she would let me put the draws in at each route, I chose some fairly easy ones, though I couldn’t send them all ! But she did ! I got so pumped and somehow so scared, lacking confidence. I guess sports climbing just doesn’t give you any chance if you ain’t practicing ! So I kinda agreed to take a lesson today and just kept on failing, just to get some resistance back. Hopefully I can start to play on the hard routes soon enough.
But that’s it for today, I mean climbing wise 🙂 We have been celebrating holly’s birthday by having a nice diner date, with some wine and some dance floor action of course ! Now off to sleep for some more crag moments to be enjoyed and shared xx
Have a nice one,
Hasta luego x

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